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A Remarkably Inspiring Story of Physical and Emotional Transformation

Audrey Smith had no idea today would be the day that would change her life forever. After 34 years of living life in the shadows of her siblings, struggling with her body weight—from elementary school through torturous teenage years and on into adulthood after having two children—Audrey’s self-image was in the dumps.

Trying diet after diet... From crazy fad diets... to calorie and point-counting systems... to dangerous diet pills. Audrey had tried it all, with little to no success. Despite countless attempts, her weight had continued to creep up over the years, and her health was slowly deteriorating with it. She was left with feelings of inadequacy and hopelessness, and a physical appearance she was not proud of. On top of that, she felt like she was letting herself, and her family, down.

But today that would all change, forever. What Audrey didn’t know was how her journey to regain her body and life would surprisingly unfold.

In Diets Suck!, author Stephen Adelé shares an incredibly powerful, page-turning story, written narratively as a parable, based on seven very real, truly inspiring weight-loss transformation stories. Inside each story, a valuable life-changing “Lesson” is delivered. As Audrey soon learns, as those before her already have, the Seven Lessons are relatively simple, yet remarkably powerful, and if followed, will transform your body and help you regain your health and life.

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Stephen Proudly Supports Feeding America

When Stephen was a kid, he and his mom relied on their local food bank to eat. Now that he has been blessed to be in a positive position to "give back," he thought this was an organization he could really get behind and pour his heart into. So now, you can feel good about every purchase of Diets Suck! and Eat-Smart®, because part of the proceeds are donated to the "Back–pack Program" for hungry kids and their Feeding America initiative through the local food banks.


DIETS SUCK! is a must-have if you’re ready to take control of your health. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have."

—Keith Ferrazzi, NY Times Best-selling author of Never Eat Alone and Who's Got Your Back

"If you're in the market for a great book on how to boost your health and lose weight naturally this year, all while being incredibly inspired, this is a must-read."

—Dr. Michael Dow, Author, Psychotherapist, Host of TLC’s Freaky Eaters

“DIETS SUCK! is a wonderful easy to read book that gives you the “Principles” for successful long term weight loss.”

—Russell Cleveland, Author of Finding Midas: Investing in Entrepreneurial CEOs with the Golden Touch; Financial Executive, RENN Capital Group
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